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VACATION...all I ever wanted...

The Go-Go's were one of my all-time favorites back in the day, and yes, I'm definitely showing my age. They were just the perfect poppy girl band with some of the best songs. "Vacation" was awesome! I remember my concert t-shirt that I proudly sported at Myrtle Beach after seeing them live. On the back it said with all the sass, "Don't bother me, I'm on VACATION!" Too funny.

So last week, I took my first vacation in over 10 years. A whole week. Can I just add that I was more than a little excited to get away? Even Hurricane Irma didn't stop me. And it was wonderful. I have a hard time relaxing but managed to enjoy the break away from work and responsibility. I did all the wonderful things I preach to my clients. Taking time for myself was a priority. I walked on the beach, hunted seashells, swam with dolphins (well, they were really close!), drank fruity cocktails, I even got a mani/pedi and a fantastic massage. I even deferred work texts, messages, and emails until I got back! Like the Go-Go's said, "Don't bother me..." But that term was actually directed more to myself than others. Did I mention it's difficult for me to relax? I get in my own way most of the time.

My last day on vacation, I took my morning beach walk and did a little yoga. And it dawned on me that I really do need to practice what I preach. The importance of balance in all things. I NEEDED that week off from everything. I NEEDED the attitude adjustment. I NEEDED room to just be. Taking time for ourselves is vital for our wellbeing and it is certainly ok to step back, however we need to, and take a breath, re-evaluate our needs, and just be. Our brains need the idle time.

I will make a commitment to spending time away as much as I commit to home and work. My health depends on it. Lesson learned. I will be good to myself.

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