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It Takes Teamwork

Hi everyone! Mark your calendar for the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run this year for Saturday October 21. We are welcome to run or walk the 5K in the support of breast cancer awareness. Inspired Health has once again joined the cause, and I would love to have as many of you participate in this event. We had a blast last year running the course through downtown Huntsville and the surrounding historic neighborhoods. I was overcome with joy to see people had decorated their yards and porches along the route and cheering all of us on. And much gratitude to the folks who turned their lawn sprinklers on for us! I was also filled with respect to see runners currently in the battle of their lives, decked out in pink, giving it all they had on the way to the finish line. Man! Talk about tenacity! I am so thankful to all our team runners and walkers last year and hope to have as many or more this year. The money raised stays in our area and goes toward advanced diagnostic equipment for earlier detection. With breast cancer, and all cancer, time is tissue, time is life. The earlier we catch it, the greater our chance of survival.

We all know someone who has battled breast cancer, and some of you have actually experienced the battle firsthand. Unfortunately, not everyone survives, even with modern medicine. So, we have to continue researching, educating ourselves, and pressing forward. And SUPPORTING the cause.

Please consider joining the Inspired Health team for this year's Ribbon Run and be a part of something greater!


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