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Balancing with Love

A common concern among my nurse coaching clients and some yoga students is how to find balance in our day to day lives. We seem to get caught up in the glorification of "busy" these days which presents a challenge in our health and wellness. The schedule we commit ourselves to keeping prevents us from making mindful decisions regarding what we really need. And things begin to get off kilter. The pantry somehow gets full of ready-to-eat processed foods. Sleep becomes hard to come by. Our skin starts to get puffy looking. Our emotions may even become a little like a roller coaster ride. Which is fun for everybody, right?

As a nurse, my approach in patient care always begins from a safety standpoint. The act of "do no harm." As a yoga instructor, I teach the practice of Ahimsa, which translates roughly into the same thing, or the practice of non-violence. As a nurse coach, I integrate both concepts when working with a patient learning new behaviors for a healthier outcome. We take the idea of doing no harm, non-violence, and apply it to ourselves first. Beginning with our thoughts, calming the inner critic we all have and channeling that into something loving and positive instead. Then we use this concept with our words and how we speak of ourselves. Self-deprecating humor? Change that and speak positively about yourself, let your light shine! Then, act like you love yourself. Being mindful of the day to day choices we make that could be detrimental to us in the future. Book that massage, get a facial, go to the gym, take a nap, eat a salad, and on and on.

When we put into practice the concept Ahimsa, do no harm, loving kindness, into our daily routine, the balance will come. Stepping out of the "busy" and being aware of how we can change our behavior with just this simple approach can make a difference over time.

Think like you love yourself.

Speak like you love yourself.

Act like you love yourself.

Be the inspiration.


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