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A Svadhyaya Summer

Hi there, Inspired Health!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Emme. I've known Jennifer for nearly a decade and, in that time, I've watched her ideas for creating a wellness studio flourish and blossom into the Inspired Health we have today. From introducing me to the calming cadences of Depak Chopra's centering meditations to lighting my fire (or tapas, as we say in class) for yoga, Jennifer has always been my guide in discovering my own Inspired path.

Every time I walk in the front door and am welcomed by the chimes of the dangling bells on the doorknob and the calming turquoise hues of the studio, I know that something big is going to happen. Whether I'm zen-ed out from a wonderful massage or I'm leaping into my first, almost-headstand (It still counts in my book, okay.), I know that I'm in my safe place of restoration and rejuvenation.

This summer, I've spent my late Tuesday afternoons in the Inspired Health yoga class watching the sun slowly set on my yoga mat while in downward-facing dog. Every class has been centered around a niyama, which is a fancy way of saying a positive, internal theme. I never knew how much they would impact me until I came across the lessons of Svadhyaya.

As many busy, semi-zombied humans, I've noticed that I usually let the proverbial hamster of chaotic thought run its wheel in my mind throughout my day--never really connecting with the moment around me. As I unwound myself from my day on the mat one Tuesday, my internal train of a monologue was interrupted by: "Svadhyaya is the study of yourself. It is the intent to our poses, the life of our practice." I knew with those words, Jennifer had given my new favorite pastime an entirely new meaning. From my sun salutations to warrior pose, I guided my thoughts to new depths: "Why do I enjoy this?"; "What makes me happy?"; "How can I use this intent to inspire someone else?" It wasn't easy, but, for the first time, I felt as though I was on a journey of great adventure, of self-discovery, and of happiness... and I hadn't even left my mat.

The weeks have passed and I know my yoga tans will soon fade as I pack my bags and head back for my final semester of college. I'll return to my usual spots, see my usual sights, and perform my usual school routine; however, one thing will be the farthest from usual... my outlook on life and my journey to use Jennifer's mantra: "Be the change and the inspiration."

Namaste, y'all.


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