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As a nurse and a spa practitioner for many years, I'm super-aware of my clients' health concerns as well as their "look good, feel good" needs. I have had the opportunity to work in different spa and medical environments and have used many different product lines in skin care and makeup. I have learned SO much about how important it is to use plant-based and gluten free cosmetics since our skin absorbs what we put on the surface. My motto is "less is best." From the ingredients in the products I apply and recommend, to the actual equipment I use, health and wellness are always taken into account. Here are a few examples of what Inspired Health incorporates in the everyday practice of nurturing your well-being:

Mirabella Beauty: this is a fantastic makeup line that provides gluten free makeup options while providing cosmetics with great coverage, loads of variety, and fun and classic choices with your look.

Pure Light: organic coconut oil candles with lead-free wicks, these burn cleanly for 55 hours, are cruelty free, and can also be used to richly hydrate the skin with their low-temp melt factor.

OPI polish: toluene and formaldehyde free nail laquer

LED curing lamp: used to cure gel polish, safer for the skin than the usual UV curing lamps

Jet-free pedicure tub: 100% sanitizable and still beautiful!

Essential oils: used in aroma diffusers, a clean option for making an area smell amazin without any negative respiratory reactions. Also, a clean option used to customize skin care.

Body butter: an organic compound of shea butter and coconut oil that can be customized with essential oils, gluten free and less likely to cause any irritation to the skin.

Sea salt: added to facial treatments and pedicures, it purifies the skin, exfoliates dead skin cells safely, and reduces bacterial growth as well as relaxes mucsles.

Castille soap: an organic hair and body cleanser made from olive oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. That's it, and it lathers naturally. Essential oils can be used to customize.

Tea Tree oil: used in facials and pedicures to control fungal, viral, and bacterial growth. Also used in cleaning hard surfaces like counter tops, door handles, etc.

Yogi Tea: organic green teas from Calming to Skin Detox.

All the linens are washed in an aroma free and hypoallergenic detergent.

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