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So many people have asked me about the protein fruit smoothies that I make. Not a day went by when I was in nursing school that I didn't have one in my hand going out the door, and I really don't know for sure, but they might be the reason I never got sick or missed a day of class or clinical. Honestly, it's the best breakfast!

I use a whey protein isolate powder in my smoothies by Allmaxx Isoflexx, and I prefer the chocolate but it comes in many flavors. One scoop delivers about 20-25 grams of protein which is generally your recommended daily amount. Some GI disorders can't tolerate a whey protein since it's a cow's milk derivitive so be aware of what protein powder is best for you.

Frozen blueberries (superfood) and strawberries (loaded with Vitamin C) are my fruit of choice. Play around with what you like, but I have found these really work the best in the blender with the protein powder. I also add a little flax seed powder and chia seeds for the Omega 3 benefit. PB2 is a great peanutbutter to add as well if you want an extra punch without the fat.

My typical fruit smoothie goes like this:

1 cup frozen strawberries thawed overnight in the fridge

1 cup frozen blueberries thawed overnight in the

blend until smooth

add 1 scoop protein powder

blend until it disappears

add 5 ice cubes

blend until frothy and the cubes don't make any sound

And there you go, EZPZ.


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