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Health Coaching and Consulting
An Integrative Approach For Wellness

Health coaching services are offered under a contractual agreement requiring a minimum of three one-hour sessions.  The primary session involves an assessment to establish a baseline of information in which we will refer for future sessions.   A copy of blood work obtained in the last six months is recommended for interpretation.  The client's personal and family health history will also be discussed.  As a team, we will set goals and work out a plan to reach set goals. Subsequent sessions will be to determine if set goals have been reached, why or why not, and if they need to be re-evaluated. We focus on SMART Goals: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound regarding nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral modifications.  Understanding prescription medications and disease processes is also a part of the sessions if applicable.  A physician's referral is not required.  All information is considered personal and will be strictly confidential.  


Health consultations are available to assess the client's current concerns and determine readiness for change.

A health consultation is required before beginning the coaching program


Please call for more information, appointments, and pricing.





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