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Jennifer Bell RN - founder and owner


I am licensed as a registered nurse and managing cosmetologist, and am a certified yoga instructor with over 27 years experience in the holistic wellness and spa industry.  Health and wellness are my passions, and I am excited to offer our community a place to come and relax, to learn how to make healthier choices, and to have the support to continue on a personal journey of balance in mind, body, and spirit.


As a nurse coach, I believe in an integrative approach to reaching good health.  Assessment of the clients' whole being and developing a relationship of trust and mutual respect will create an environment for positive change.  I will assist in the setting of wellness goals, understanding of disease processes, lifestyle modifications, and behavioral adjustments.  My purpose is not in making a diagnosis, which is between client and physician; however, within my scope of practice, I will coach the client in the goals that are unique to them as an individual.


The spa and yoga studio offer an opportunity for stress management, relaxation, and fitness.  Please feel free to explore the menu and schedule within this site.  


I look forward to assisting you on your path, and remember....we are letting go of judgments, expectations, and competitions...remaining in the present moment.  So we can be the change and be the inspiration.


 Jennifer Bell, RN








Wellness studio policies:


Cancellation - Please notify 24 hours from appointment to allow enough time for it to be refilled by another client. 


Because this is an environment for relaxation and to respect other clients' desire for a relaxing experience, unless your child has an appointment, please make arrangements for childcare before arriving. Children age 10 years and up are welcome to begin a journey of wellness at Inspired Health. 



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